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An erotic journey begins by taking things to the very edge. The edge of passion, of fulfillment, of love. But once that edge is reached, it’s time to leap and in matters of the heart, it’s always a leap of faith. I am an author of erotic romance who believes those who choose to race to the edge and take that monumental leap, possess the most courageous of hearts.

My heroes are, as a rule, smart-assed Southern men. Wanna kill ‘em. Wanna kiss ‘em. But you sure as hell wouldn’t kick him out of bed because seduction is his first, middle, and last name. He seduces his lady with a brand of charm that is full of humor and a slow touch! So pour a cup of coffee and browse my titles. You are always welcome here.



Current Release

Return to Ransom

Book Three, Delight, Texas


Return to Ransom

Lynn Halstead returns to Delight, Texas with one objective in mind: finding a little revenge for a past trauma. Instead of dishing out a hefty dose of payback, however, she instead comes face-to-face with the one man she’s never been able to forget.

Ransom Dobbs lives a life of responsibility. He’s okay with that. That’s what a man does, after all, but it’s regret that he has trouble handling. Figuring the past is something he’ll just have to live with, the big, tough rancher is thrown for a loop by a sweet blast from his past. Lynn burns him with every look, and every touch, but can she banish the ghost that torments him? Time and a whole lot of smoldering sex can grant this cowboy the happiness he craves, but only if he’s brave enough to risk his heart.

Coming soon from Ellora’s Cave Publishing


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